About Us

Jánossy Ferenc College for Advanced Studies

The Jánossy Ferenc College for Advanced Studies offers training programs and support for talented and ambitious students to take part in extra-curricular activities. Members have the chance to gain practical knowledge, develop their skills and creative thinking in economics and engineering fields, learn about effective teamwork as well as self-management that are essential for a successful career in the future.

The College was founded in June 2006, named after the Ferenc Jánossy at the Budapest Technical College, originally for higher education students who are interested in economics and social sciences. Supporting interdisciplinary education, today it is open for students from all faculties of Óbuda University.

The Jánossy Ferenc College for Advanced Studies is committed to help talents, support its members, and to organize open courses, events, camps, trainings and professional workshops for wider audience. Through its academic and corporate relationships, the College provides opportunities to participate (international) projects, traineeships or scientific research works.

The Jánossy Ferenc College for Advanced Studies offers:

         roundtable discussions
         lectures (open lectures)
         summer camps
         company visits
         traineeship opportunities 

The Jánossy Ferenc College for Advanced Studies supports:

         exploration and development of (non-professional) individual competences
         adaptation of presentation techniques
         development of high level IT skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, SPSS, AutoCad, ArchiCad, AutoCad Inventor)
         development of high level financial knowledge and statistical competences
         efficiency in time management
         CV making, preparation for job interviews 

Our programs

         Open lectures (with invited lecturers) for the upcoming venues please like and follow our facebook page!
         Scientific Students’ Conference preparatory course, http://jfszk.uni-obuda.hu/TDK-felkeszito
         Company / factory visits (Dreher, Caterpillar, Northern Vehicle Repair Service, BVSC Sports Shoe)
         Summer camp


         email: jfszk[at]kgk.uni-obuda.hu
         webpage: jfszk.uni-obuda.hu